Innleveringsoppgaven er et tilbud til de som har tid og motivasjon til å jobbe videre med tematikken. Det er en oppgave du gjør selv eller sammen med noen andre og leverer inn til gruppen for å få tilbakemelding.

Hva du lærer

Part 1

  • Intro to strategic business thinking for Academy students and invites
  • The key area of focus is decision-making is a systems problem to solve. In this deep dive, we’ll review two critical frameworks
    • EcoSystem Mapping; map the transactions between actors, products, and channels with your business
    • Situation, Complication, Resolution (SCR); a storytelling structure to identify opportunities & risk in trade-off decisions

Part 2

The key area of focus is connecting design decisions to business outcomes. We’ll learn two frameworks:

  • Strategy Maps; mapping the logical, cause-and-effect connection between strategic objectives
  • Design Scorecards; Combining Strategy Maps with OKRs to measure and monitor design decisions over time

Om foredragsholderen(e)

Ryan helps designers become damn good leaders and executives.

He writes about my experiences. He coaches others how to take on their most difficult challenges. He teaches people how to create real, meaningful change as founder of Second Wave Dive.